The Voices of L'Zur

A Non-Profit Organization Helping Women in Distress Around the Globe

About The Voices of L'Zur

The Voices of L'Zur is a non-profit organization to help women who have been physically/mentally abused.  We aim to help women to learn, grow and build a better future for them and their children.  We also want to help women from third-world countries, who need opportunities to grow irrespective of the distress of physical and mental abuse they endure daily.  We believe many of these distressed & abused women are so talented and deserve an opportunity to grow, but they have been suppressed for so long, they are in fear of speaking up for themselves.  This is why L’Zur wants to be the voice of many women around the globe.  

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How Your Purchase Makes a Difference

A portion of each sale of L'Zur products goes to help fund "The Voices of L'Zur", helping women and their children around the globe!

Thank you for supporting this cause that is so dear to my heart!


Zeenat Sheikh


L'Zur & The Voices of L'Zur